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In pursuit of this, pastor Johnson Love started Elementary School in September, 2001. Considering the less privileged children that roams the street of Madalla and its environ who due to the death of both or either of their parents or financial incapacitationare not in elementary school and as a result resorted in hawking pure water or food stuffs in the street. Coming from a very poor background, pastor Johnson Love the founder of Love Mission Foundation Inc deemed it right to bring these children together and give them the opportunity of Elementary education which is basic in the life and upbringing of every child

At the inception of the High School, we started with the 45 students who just concluded their Elementary the previous year. By the second year we were having a total of 65 students for the high school which included the level 1 and level 2 students. In the third year, our classes became bigger so we had to share some into level 1A and 1B, the total number of students in the third year was 180 and 260 in the fourth year. The fifth year, we had a total of 310 students.

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The school started with about 30 pupils the first year, in the second year the number of total pupils increased to 90 and so we progressed having at the beginning of every academic year not less than 85% increment in the number of pupils till the first six years. In the year 2006, we graduated our first elementary six grandaunts of 45 pupils, after their graduation we gathered that more than 70% of the pupils that just graduated from our elementary could not further their high school, we therefore made efforts to know exactly why it was so, it was discovered that all the children wish to continue to high school but due to their parents financial incapacitation they are not able. This necessitated the vision for the High School which kicked off immediately in September 2008.